Strain Spotlight: The White is rich in CBG

Posted by SugarLeaf on Apr 27th 2021

Strain Spotlight: The White is rich in CBG

The White CBG strain is the first - and still the best - of its kind. Right now, it’s the only strain that SugarLeaf carries - but that’s for good reason. It’s the only CBG strain so far that meets our standards of quality.


At SugarLeaf, we’ve had The White strain for two seasons - which, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t much. It takes between 18 months and 2 years for a strain to properly stabilize. When we say stabilize, we mean that when we put the seeds in the ground, we want to be exactly sure of what we’re going to get when they sprout. The plant should be stable without creating too much THC (which can sometimes happen) - and we’ve perfected this method with The White hemp flower.

We value quality and consistency, which is a big reason as to why The White is our only CBG strain that we have going right now. We want to make sure that it’s the best that it can be before we start making variants or branching off of it.

CBG, The Mother

Before transitioning into their final form, every cannabinoid begins as CBG. THC, CBD, you name it - they all have to start someplace, and that place is CBG, which is why it’s called ‘ the mother of all cannabinoids.’

When different variables like heat and a variety of enzymes interact with the plant, the cannabinoids will change to produce the end result of the final cannabinoid. But the first step is  always CBG.

The way we create CBG products is by breeding plants to force only the growth of CBG. We discourage the conversion into any other cannabinoid, creating the final product of a CBG hemp flower. Even though the plant is bred to be CBG specific, that doesn’t mean it can’t contain the benefits of other cannabinoids (they’re there in trace amounts!) or those great terpene profiles that we love so much.

Why ‘White’?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. We call it The White CBG strain because it’s very light in color - it’s white, actually, it’s not even green. The white powder on the plant has a very light, non-sticky texture, and it’s very fine.

Our Products

The presence of CBG in SugarLeaf’s products isn’t something new - it’s been present in a few, but The White hemp strain is the first to feature CBG on its own.

Dominic Pantaleo, cofounder of SugarLeaf, says the presence of CBG in many products sets SugarLeaf apart from other producers.

“The CBG minor profile in all of our products is pretty high. It's in there already, and it has been for a long time. It’s there when you’re smoking CBD flower. In our tinctures, CBG is for sure already present, and that’s what made us different early on.”

Now, instead of having to take a back seat, CBG finally gets the spotlight!


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