Coming to McHenry: The SugarLeaf CBD & Hemp Wellness Store!

Posted by SugarLeaf on May 6th 2021

Coming to McHenry: The SugarLeaf CBD & Hemp Wellness Store!

McHenry, Illinois is the soon-to-be home of SugarLeaf’s new CBD and hemp wellness shop. It’s the hometown of SugarLeaf cofounder Dominic Pantaleo, and he’s super excited about bringing his pride and joy someplace local, to the place where he grew up.

“McHenry is home; it’s super local for me. I went to grade school and high school there. So, I know everybody and I've owned multiple businesses in town. We're excited about being there. It's gonna be cool, because we'll get to connect with people. We're like the wizard behind the curtain. People don't get to see who we are when they shop online, but now that can change.”

Now that the hemp wellness store is opening up, people will get to soak up the fun, cool vibes that SugarLeaf gives off instead of just reading about them. (That’s not to say that reading about them isn’t good, too! We love our online community.) But now our customers will get to witness firsthand the passion behind our products and be able to get a feel for what they like most by shopping in-person.

About our new CBD Shop

The goal is to set up a dispensary where customers can feel comfortable. We’re cultivating a chill and relaxed setting that will strengthen identity for SugarLeaf in the community.

“When you come in, it'll be set up like a dispensary. We're doing all custom cabinets and displays, and it's going to be beautiful. The goal is that when you come into the store, it's an experience. You're going to leave with more than what you came with - not just products, but value in your understanding and knowledge of what we're offering. Our goal is to educate and help people understand what we're trying to accomplish. We want to add value to your life.”

SugarLeaf wants to help the local people of Chicagoland become comfortable with CBD and everything it entails. If you’re new to the world of smoking hemp flower, then stopping by our McHenry CBD shop is a great idea - we’re happy to give you the rundown of how things work and what products you should start out with - whether that’s gummies, tinctures, topicals, or something else.

There’s always something new around the corner when it comes to the hemp industry. Things are always changing and we’ve got our finger on the pulse.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes SugarLeaf different is our deep knowledge and understanding of not only the hemp industry, but the people we serve. One of the most important aspects of running a physical shop is getting to hear customers’ stories and their testimonials. It’s always gratifying to hear when CBD has improved someone’s life significantly, when you can look them in the eye and hear how much more they’re enjoying life. Our degree of helpfulness comes from how much we care about the quality of our products.

“Other shops haven't fully invested in this like we have; they're not strict on quality like we are. I don't think those stores are bad, but it's certainly not an experience when you walk through the door, and you may or may not get somebody who actually knows what they're talking about. They're also limited in their options. SugarLeaf, on the other hand, we actually care. When you come through the door, it's important to us that you leave with more value than you had when you walked in the store, whether you buy anything or not. You can walk in and get educated any day. That's what a lot of these stores lack. The hemp industry is something people are curious about - it’s something new, so they deserve to have a better understanding. I'm not saying we have all the answers, or that we're perfect. I'm just saying that we care more.”

The opening date for the new store in McHenry is May 12th, 2021 - if you’re anywhere around 3932 Main Street, stop in and say hi!

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