About Us

The SugarLeaf Story

We’re proud of what goes into our products, but we’re even more proud of what comes out of them: People feeling good and spreading the good vibes as they go out into the world. At the end of the day, it’s all about helping people. And for us, that doesn’t just mean helping you “make it through” your day. Our CBD hemp flower, full and broad-spectrum hemp oil Tinctures, CBD gummies, and everything else we make is meant to give you what you need to WIN the day with flying colors! 


We’re not in this alone.

There’s no way we could deliver the level of quality we insist upon without the help of our partners. We’ve cultivated close connections with farmers and hemp connoisseurs in Wisconsin, Illinois and Colorado. Together, we work toward our shared vision of creating products that unlock the full potential of CBD. We innovate with intention, introducing new products not just to do it, but because they are what we want in our own lives. Our smokable CBD flower, for example, grew out of our love for exploring all the different strains of natural bud that the hemp plant has given us.

CBD Hemp Flower, Oil Tinctures, Gummies & More

“How can CBD help me?” “What should I look for in a CBD experience?” “How do I even get started?” The way you answer these questions will be unique, just like you are. Everybody has different needs and their own ways of creating good vibes. That’s why we’re always adding to our growing product family. We want it to be easy for anyone to find their perfect recipe for good vibes when they come to SugarLeaf. We’ve even got CBD oil for dogs!